Designs Borne Out of Passion

Born and raised in Graz, Austria, Almut always had a fondness for the arts, especially Opera and Classical music. At the age of 18, she was offered to shadow a goldsmith for the day at a workshop in her hometown of Graz. This single experience ignited a new found love and passion for handmade jewelry. Beginning a full-time apprenticeship in 1989, Almut Belote is now a recognized master goldsmith originating unique pieces in her workshop and boutique showroom in Thornton Park, Orlando. Almut’s extensive travels throughout Europe and South America, and her time as a goldsmith in the U.S. Virgin Islands have influenced her outlook and approach to aesthetics and design.

“I’m ruled by the thought of sharing, inspiring and empowering others. Capturing balanced proportions, my pieces emerge in an instant.”

Almut Belote



It all begins with my imagination and a sketch. The design elements I create are intended to complement one another as one design nuance leads to the next. Most features in my pieces occur naturally and spontaneous through it’s unique development and work process.


Relying on only traditional goldsmith techniques, a silver model is created. Computer aided drawings are not relied on. We love the experience of creating everything by hand. From the silver model a mold is created so we may cast our collections in gold, palladium and platinum.


All pieces are hand-finished and precious stones gently set. Every Almut Belote Jewelry piece is created in-house by Almut and her select team of goldsmiths.


Whether a commissioned piece or a one-of-a-kind custom creation, it starts with a vision and a gemstone in hand. As my design vision develops I can literally see how the finished piece will appear and feel in my hand; its dimensional characteristics clear in my mind. Generating a hand sketch to confirm proportions, a precise work drawing is then created showing scale and finished dimensions.


Utilizing traditionally taught European goldsmith skills, the shaping process begins with sheet metal. No pre-cast components are used when creating these one of kind custom pieces. This process can take over 30 hours depending on the design.


Detailing a piece involves a fusion of metals, such a platinum and gold, creating stunning two-tone pieces.


Workshop & Showroom in Thornton Park. Visit Our New Boutique in Winter Park.